Templar Trials Healer Build for Summerset Isles

Presented by @Horowonnoe

General Introduction

Is healing your passion? Do you think about healing even when you are DPSing? If so, then perhaps healing is what you should do : ) 

Healing is about - keeping your group mates alive. Once you have made sure they are alive and not going to die anytime soon - you start giving them buffs! Lots and lots of buffs. Some of your buffs double as healing skills so it makes the job of keeping the group alive a little bit easier. This guide i will try to go over most things you might need to know while healing.

The things mentioned here are good for Summerset Isles patch. Perhaps an important thing to note is that this patch, 2 handed weapons (staves!) count as two set items. This opens up so many more choices we can do as healers. I am so excited. Keep reading to find out the deets.

Another thing to note is that healing always happens in pairs. The healers builds should always be thought of as a team - not individually.


Thank you my healer friends for helping me over the months to put together this guide.

Gear Sets

Sets you need to have in your inventory:

  • Vestments of Olorime
  • Jorvuld's Guidance Set
  • Spell Power Cure
  • Mending
  • Infallible Aether
  • Worm
  • Masters Restoration Staff
  • Asylum Restoration Staff (Perfected or non-perfected doesn't matter. Difference is minimal)
  • Willpower Restoration Staff

Situational Sets for specific purposes that you might need, but not required (together with SPC or Olorime):

  • Twilight Remedy (useful in some situations such as group healer in vAS HM)
  • Sanctuary (When you need extra healing such as vMoL HM or vHoF HM execute)
  • Master Architect (not worn by healers anymore since there are better options)

Sets that I just have for like one boss fight (together with SPC or Olorime):

  • Gossamer
  • Meritorious Service
  • Shalk's Exoskeleton
  • Powerful Assault

Monster Helms you should have in your inventory:

With the changes in Summerset patch, healers can now wear a 2pc monster set together with two full 5 piece buff sets. Monster sets you should definitely have at your disposal are the following:

  • Bogdan the Nightflame (great set for most situations. steady extra healing which benefits the group)
  • Earthgore (the 30second cooldown is too long for most PVE situations, but in some places a situational burst heal can be better than a steady heal i.e.bogdans)
  • Sentinel of Rkugamz Set (underutilized monster set which is great for burst stamina return. better stamina return than master restoration staff)

There are more sets that are useful, don't feel limited to this list. See what your group needs and get an appropriate monster helm.

Weapon Traits, Enchants & How to use them

I keep 2 restoration staves on my character with 2 different enchants/traits. 

  • Infused or Powered resto with weakening enchantment is what I run normally. Most trials.
  • Powered resto with weapon dmg enchant is a backup staff i keep for moments when i know i will need to do some extra healing and can't swap bars. Used rarely.

My lightning staff (backbar) is infused trait with berserker (weapon damage) glyph enchant. With many people running elemental weapon or Asylum destro staves, in most groups it is no longer necessary for healers to run lightning wall since the offbalance buff is capped at 25% and there are very few heavy attack builds this patch and fewer stamina players (See below for more info). The berserker glyph will increase your healing done and in some of the new content, where mechanics are balanced around high healing output, this is a nice thing to have.

Enchants on your armor - for large pieces have prismatic enchant (with hakeijo glyph), and for small pieces a max magicka enchant. Traits for large pieces - chest, legs and head is infused. Rest - divines. You can also do all magicka enchants if you prefer to have a higher magicka pool. I personally like having more health and stamina just for times when i have to block, sprint or dodgeroll mechanics.

Enchants on your jewelry - find your perfect balance between spell cost reduction and magicka regen. I have multiple versions of each ring/amulet with either enchant so i can combine them in a way that feels good or adjust it if i seem to be lacking resources,etc. Best jewelry traits at the moment is two arcane and one infused. Enchant the infused jewelry piece with magicka regen.

Skills you should level and have available

Since there will be so many different variations on your bar setups, here is a list of skills you should work on leveling as a healer in an order of importance (somewhat). Try to level the essential skills first, then move on to more optimal skills as you gain more skill points, invest in your character, and so on.

Essentials (level these ASAP!):

  1. Healing Springs (restoration staff, 1st skill) - your first healing skill - most accessible #1 priority.
  2. Combat Prayer (restoration staff, #3 skill) - buffs your party by increasing their damage by 8% and gives them resistances against damage
  3. Breath of Life (restoring light, 1st skill) - your "oh shit" button basically
  4. Elemental Drain (destruction staff, 4th skill) - debuff your target and gives magicka back to your allies
  5. Energy Orb (undaunted, 5th skill) - a skill of multiple applications. It heals, gives resources back and the heals tic for every half a second. best heal in game! Orbs is love. Orbs is life.
  6. Aggressive Horn (alliance war > assault, ultimate) - also known as "my horn", this is probably the ultimate you will be using 99% of the time. Essential! Even if you don't like PVP, just suck it up and go get this skill. Super important.
  7. Extended Ritual (restoring light, 4th skill) - this morph lasts longer than the rit of retribution morph so i prefer it. It also gives you minor mending. Have this up at all times.
  8. Luminous Shards (aedric spear, 4th skill) - gives resources back. similar to orbs. also provides a synergy for tank. stays put. this skill and orbs share a cooldown for synergy use. you can only cast one shard at a time.

Important to have:

  1. Overflowing Altar (blood altar morph, undaunted skill line) - I like this as a long lasting passive AOE heal and an "oh shit" synergy for your group. It will appear to group members who are below 50% health and give them a massive 70% heal. It also provides a generous passive heal, since it gives minor lifesteal. I prefer this skill to Quick Siphon.
  2. Blockade of Storms (destruction staff, 2nd skill) - provides off-balance for your group when an enemy is concussed. Somewhat retired this patch. New elemental weapon skill and Asylum destruction staff give a high uptime of minor vulnerability to the group and with the off-balance being capped at 25% and magicka DD's not being specced into exploiter passive anymore, in addition to there not being very many stamina heavy attack builds, this buff has become somewhat irrelevant. You should still run blockade if you have a lot of stamina players in your group, especially on static fights. But if your group consists of all or mostly magicka DD's or the fight is highly mobile, there is no reason to run shock wall at all. Also - pay attention if you have a magicka DD running a lightning blockade already, since it's only necessary for one person to run this skill to achieve maximum uptime.
  3. Efficient Purge (alliance war - support #2) - There are many instances especially with newer content where there are a lot of purgeable damage over time (DOT) going out to your group. Sometimes a healer can’t purge it all and tanks need to help. Make sure to get this skill.
  4. Quick Siphon (restoration staff, 5th skill) - provides additional healing to the group
  5. Ward Ally (restoration staff, 4th skill) - another "o shit" button for harder trials such as vMoL HM or vHoF where a large burst of damage can occur and you need to save someone within a split second
  6. Stalwart Guard (alliance war support #2) - nice to have on some bosses to either give a dps buddy a boost. use this in fights where you are confident you can take the extra damage.
  7. Solar Prison (dawn's wrath, ultimate) - the other ult that you need to have. you will use this as you are learning, but as your group becomes better, you will use this less and less. it reduces damage done by monsters by 30% Also in many groups a DPS will run this skill instead of a healer.
  8. Turn Undead (fighters guild #2) - can be used in high damage scenarios to help the group. Tank will rarely if ever be running this, however, nice to have.
  9. Inner Light (mages guild, #1) - used for extra crit and max magicka. I slot this when i have a spare spot on my bar.
  10. Channeled Focus (restoring light, #5) - helps with survivability and resource management in intense fight scenarios
  11. Barrier (alliance war, support ultimate) - I like to front bar this skill for more magicka regeneration. This is mostly slotted for the alliance war "Magicka Aid" passive which restores mana.

Passives you need to level:

  1. All of your class passives, all 3 trees
  2. All restoration staff and destruction staff tree passives
  3. All light armor passives
  4. All vampire passives except the first one
  5. Undaunted passives
  6. Medicinal use, alchemy passive
  7. All your racial passives
  8. Alliance war > support - magicka aid passive (BOTH POINTS!!)

Skills with situational uses but nice to have:

  1. Power of the Light (dawn's wrath, #3) - these days a stamplar in your group will run this skill. however if there is no stamplar in your group - you can run it as a healer. it debuffs the enemy and also helps with your ult regen. this skill doesn't stack so usually only one person runs it.
  2. Crushing Shock (destruction staff, #1) - interrupt skill. in case you need to interrupt a caster. occasionally a group leader might have you do that as a healer.
  3. Rapid Regeneration or Mutagen (restoration staff, #2) - mostly used in PVP or in veteran Asylum where you are far away from the group as a healer.
  4. Harness Magicka or Absorb Magic (light armor only active skill) - healers hardly ever use shields so i never use this. but you can level it if you want. who knows. 
  5. Mist Form (vampire, 2nd skill) - useful in vAS for the kiter. but not necessary.

Not enough skills? You can level these too…

  • If you feel like you can level echoing vigor in the off chance you might want to run Powerful Assault. Or propelling shield, which you will most likely never use. Unless as a magicka dump in vSO or to help with twins fight in vMoL.


Rotation as a healer basically means, you keep up your buffs, HoTs (heals over time) and make sure nobody dies. Below are things you should keep up at all times, in somewhat of an order, but not exactly, since as a healer your rotation is very situation based.

Skills, Buffs, Debuffs (things to keep up at all times):

  1. Minor Magickasteal / Major Breach - This is usually applied by elemental drain. It debuffs the enemy, allowing your allies to do more damage and at the same time returns them magicka.
  2. Healing Springs - Your main HoT, heal over time. 
  3. Combat Prayer - This gives a set of three buffs to your group members. It increases their damage by giving them minor berserk, as well as reduces their damage they receive.
  4. Extended Ritual - A long lasting heal over time you can put down, as a background heal or SPC (spell power cure) application helper.
  5. Energy Orbs - I usually send these out every rotation or so. These are not only one of the best heal in game, but they also return resources and stick around for a long time. Plus they look beautiful.
  6. Overflowing Altar - After making sure your allies are well topped off on the healing, use the time to put down overflowing altar. It has a cast time, but believe me it is worth it. Your group will thank you for it.

Spammables & things to do while buffs are up:

  • Orbs and Combat prayer are great things to spam to help out.
  • You can also use quick siphon instead of elemental drain. You should always coordinate with your healer partner which skills each of you is running.
  • You can use Vigor if you are one of those weirdos that like running Powerful Assault set. (me sometimes)
  • Shards! A static resource return. 

The way I personally like to do my rotation is something along these lines:

Combat prayer > springs 2x > orbs orbs orbs > ele > ritual > prayer > springs >prayer >altar > orbs orbs.... and so on. Refresh skills as needed.

Q&A and notes and stuff

I am out of Magicka, HELP!

You should pretty much never be out of magicka. If you are - use channeled focus and heavy attack. In future, learn how to manage your resources. Put on another regen glyph. Don't skimp on that citrus filet. Joking but reallly, you should never run out, ever. If you have all 3x regen glyphs and one of them infused, it shouldn't be possible to run out of magicka.

Attribute Points

I put most of my attribute points into magicka, while making sure i have around 18k health without ebon. That seems to work for most situations and trial scenarios.


Atronach - for magicka regeneration or if your regen is over 3k you can try running Ritual and see how you like it.

Racial Passives

Your character’s race is kind of important in ESO. Even as a healer. At the moment the two most optimal races for healing are Breton, Argonian and High Elf.


  1. Witchmother’s or Clockwork Citrus Filet are BiS for healing with this particular setup.

Potions:  Spellpower potions. Use on cooldown pretty much.


  • Be a vampire. That magicka regen is sweet and the damage you gain from being a vamp doesn't matter in most cases since you can outheal it. If absolutely needed, use the Bloody Mara food and go down to stage 3.
  • There is a great addon called "Healers group frame" which helps to see everyones shields/regen/health.
  • Purge Tracker addon is useful to have in many of the trials.
  • Make sure you have BOTH Magicka aid passives unlocked from Alliance war support skill line. That helps, a lot.