Stamina Warden Build for PVP

By Wrobel's Meta / Maadog

I call this build pure stam meta retardation. Enjoy.


  • 5x 7th legion
  • 5x Werewolf hide
  • 2x Bloodspawn as your monster set (can switch to troll king as needed, for less sustain)

Alternate Setup

  • 7th legion
  • Armor of Truth & 7th legion
  • Warrior's Fury & 7th legion
  • Agility
  • vAS 2hander in nirnhoned & 2 Death's Wind & Bloodspawn/TK used as my monster setpieces.

Using defile poisons, vulnerability or escapist are based on what you're doing. I personally find defile poisons to be effective in small group

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Crit rush, Subterranean assault, Dizzying swing, Foward mometum, Reverse slice, Dawnbreaker of Dawnbreaker of smithing ultimate

B-Bar: Ice fortress, Bull netch, Lotus blessing, Vigor, Soothing spores, Healing thicket ultimate


Have ice fortress, netch, and lotus blessing up prior to combat. An example of an opener is: Sub assault. light attack, dawnbreaker and reverse slice if an enemy is low HP.

Champion Point Setup:

  • 56 - Warlord
  • 37 - Mooncalf/Tenacity
  • 44 - Tumbling
  • 56 - Shadow Ward
  • 56 - Master of Arms
  • 56 - Precise Strikes
  • 32 - Piercing
  • 43 - Mighty
  • 31 - Resistant
  • 56 - Ironclad
  • 32 - Hardy/Elemental Defender
  • 56 - Thick Skinned
  • 23 - Quick Recovery

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 64 Points into Stamina

Mundus: Warrior or Thief

Racial Passives: Best race for this build is Redguard

Food:  Dubious Camoran Throne

Potions:  Immovability Potions


  • Get your Undaunted to 9, medicinal use in alchemy passive, and gourmand/connoisseur in provisioning
  • You could use shimmering shield on your back bar if you prefer to have more ultimate-generaton but would have to move vigor to your front bar. I personally can't live without a gap closer which is why i dropped shimmering shield for vigor on my bb instead. For enchants on my bb i use increase physical harm and stam glyph.