Nos's "Mirakuru" Stamina Warden

Heavy attack rotation trial stam warden build ideal for debuff toons.


  • 5 Nightmothers
  • 5 Sunderflame
  • 2 Velidreth
  • 1 vMA bow

Alternate Setup

  • 5 War Machine
  • 5 Acuity
  • 2 Velidreth
  • 1 vMA Bow

For debuff setup wear 2 daggers (nirn mainhand with poison enchant, infused offhand with weapon damage enchant), for Acuity setup wear Axe mainhand dagger offhand, same traits and enchants. The bow should be nirn, enchant doesnt matter because of poisons.

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Bull Netch, Subterranian Assault, Rending Slashes, Blade Cloak, Rearming Trap, Wild Guardian
B-Bar: Caltrops, Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Vigor, Flex spot, Wild Guardian


Pre Rotation: Netch>Subterranian Assault>Rearming Trap>Bar Swap

Step 1: Endless Hail>LA>Poison Injection>LA>Razor Caltrops>Bar Swap (animation cancel)

Step 2: LA>Subterranian Assault>HA>Rending Slashes>HA>Subterranian Assault>HA>Deadly Cloak>HA>Subterranian Assault>LA>Rearming Trap>Bar Swap.

Note: Use bear ult on cooldown (but only on the dual wield bar). If its up before Step 2 then use it at the start of Step 2. If it is up during Step 2, then replace HA>Skill>HA with LA>Bear Ult>LA>Skill>LA>. Use the same thing with netch if you need the extra sustain.

Video of the build in action

Champion point allocation

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: Everything into stamina

Mundus: Warrior

Food:  Blue Health/Stamina food

Potions:  Weapon Power Potions

Notes: I max out all class/weapon and skill tree passives