Stamplar Build for Veteran Asylum Sanctorium Hardmode

By @DjMuscleboy02

I use this only for vAS. I hate playing magic characters and still pull really good damage on this build. One of the biggest downsides is the resource management can be rough, especially with bad RNG. Damage can differ a lot depending on how your off tank can stack ads.


  • 5x Night Mothers Gaze
  • 5x Vicious Ophidian
  • 2x Velidreth **I think velidreth is best even without the back healer moving up for combat prayer because all the velidreth set orbs can hit the enemy**

Alternate Setup

  • 5x Night Mothers Gaze
  • 5x Vicious Ophidian
  • 2x Slimecraw

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Deadly Cloak, Blazing Spear, Shrouded Dagger, Power of the Light, Rearming Trap, Flawless Dawnbreaker B-Bar: Radiant Ward, Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Razor Caltrops, Resolving Vigor, Ballista


Light attack between abilities unless specified. Endless Hail -> Razor Caltrops -> Poison Injection -> Ballista (if ulti up) -> Bar Swap -> Heavy Attack -> Rearming Trap -> Power of the Light -> Blazing Spear -> Heavy Attack -> Shrouded Dagger -> Heavy Attack -> Deadly Cloak -> Power of the Light -> Repeat

Champion Point Setup:

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 64 Points into Stamina

Mundus: Lover

Racial Passives: Best race for this build is Redguard

Food:  Blue Max Health + Stamina Food

Potions:  Weapon Power Potions


  • Get your standard dps passives: All class line/weapon passives. Skills don't really change. Don't use jabs because they cannot be within range all the time and also won't do as much splash damage.

Video of the build in action: