Nos's "The Sting" Stamplar DPS Guide

Optimized Stamplar rotation for Summerset Isles


  • 5 Ravager (Weapons/Jewelry)
  • 5 Perfected Arms of Reloquen
  • 2 Velidreth/Stormfist/Selene
  • 1 Nirn Dagger -Main Hand
  • 1 Infused Dagger -Off Hand
  • 1 Nirn vMA Bow

For this set up you can use a non-perfected Reloquen set, but it will be a DPS drop. All of your body pieces should have divine on them with stamina enchants while the Jewelry should have Bloodthirsty traits with Weapon Damage enchants.  Your Main Hand dagger should be either Poison or Prismatic enchant, while your Off Hand has the Weapon Damage enchant. 


Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Rearming Trap, Rending Slashes, Power of the Light, Biting Jabs, Blade Cloak, Flawless Dawnbreaker
B-Bar: Repentance, Blazing Shield, Endless Hail, Poison Injection, Caltrops


Pre Rotation: Trap> Bar Swap

Step 1: Endless Hail>LA>Poison Injection>LA>Razor Caltrops>Bar Swap (animation cancel)

Step 2: LA>PotL>LA>Rending Slashes>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Blade Cloak>LA>Power of the Light>Bar Swap

Step 3: Repeat Step 1

Step 4: LA>Rending Slashes>HA>PotL>LA>Trap>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Biting Jabs>LA>Blade Cloak>LA>Power of the Light>Bar Swap

Rinse and repeat. If stamina gets low swap "LA>Jabs>LA>Jabs>LA>Cloak" to "HA>Jabs>HA>Cloak>HA"

Video of the build in action

Champion point allocation

Blue tree:

Master at Arms 44, Mighty 64, Precise Strikes 56, Thaumaturge 56, Piercing 30

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: Everything into stamina

Mundus: Lover

Food:  Health/Stamina Food

Potions:  Weapon Power Pots

Notes: I use all passives

Why Velidreth/Stormfist/Selene?

Velidreth buffs damage and can hit certain bosses multiple times, on bosses that can be only hit once use Selene, which also procs off of Reloquen. Use Stormfist in AoE.

Why Ravager?

It procs off of the damage of Reloquen and has a very high uptime (75%)