"Ganked by Kodi" Stamina Sorcerer Build for PVP

By @laissezfaire

High mobility, Burst build.


  • 2 pcs Troll King
  • 5 pcs. Seventh Legion
  • 1 pc Mealstrom or Asylum
  • 5 pcs Prisoner's (1h/s on back bar)

5 Heavy, 1 Medium, 1 light armor weights.

For PvP beginners, I would recommend all Stam regen on Jewelry. Add Weapon damage enchants as necessary.

Disclamer: this is not stolen from Kodi. This build was created by me at One Tamriel patch and later, Kodi "came up with it".

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Forward Momentum, Stampede, Dizzy swing, Reverse Slice, Bound Armaments U: Dawnbreaker (either)

B-Bar: Hurricane, Dark deal, Ball of Lightning (or streak), Vigor, Bound Armaments U: Spell Wall (or Overload so you can add in trap, caltrops or etc - i don't tend to stay in one spot too often so i don't find it beneficial)


Burst combo: Stampede, Dizzying Swing, Dawnbreaker, reverse slice.

Champion Point Setup:

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 64 Points into Stamina

Mundus: Lover

Racial Passives: Best race for this build is Redguard

Food:  Smoked Bear Haunch

Potions:  Immovability Potions


  • Correction to CP: 0 points in Medium Armor Focus, 24 points in Heavy armor Focus It is pretty Important to be Orc for 20% health recovery, Sprint passives. This is mainly a 1vX build as mobility is for survive-ability and sustain. You need to sprint on back bar for magicka. That magicka is used for more ball of lightnings and dark deals. To get kills you will need to execute the burst combo to kill above average players as this build doesn't have a lot of weapon damage. Heavy attack on 1H/S when necessary and in between burst. When in trouble for burst heal or stam, streak through enemy and then dark deal right away.