"Edgy Stamblade Build Name" for Dragon Bones

Presented by @AmericanFunGuy


  • 3x Warmachine, Jelwery
  • 1x Warmachine, Body
  • 1x Warmachine, Dagger, infused, increase weapon damage
  • 4x Mechanical Aquity, Body
  • 1x Mechanical Aquity, Axe, Nirnhoned, Poison Damage (mainhand)
  • 2x Velidreth
  • 1x vMA Bow (nirnhoned)
  • Damage Health Poison IX

Starting Gear

  • 5x Hundings Rage
  • 4x Nightmothers gaze (weapons + 2 body)
  • 3 agility


Alternate Setup #1

  • 5x Warmachine
  • 5x Hundings Rage
  • 2x Velidreth
  • 1x vMA Bow (nirnhoned)
  • Damage Health Poison IX

Alternate Setup #2

  • 5x Vicious Ophidian
  • 5x Night Mothers Gaze
  • 2x Velidreth 
  • 1x vMA Bow (nirnhoned) *note* you can run a Nightmothers Gaze bow instead if you don't have a vMA bow. 

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Killers Blade, Rending Slashes, Relentless Focus, Suprise Attack, Blade cloak.
B-Bar: Poison Injection, Razor Caltrops, Rearming Trap, Endless Hail, Siphioning Strikes. 

Ultimates: For you main ultimate you want to be using Incapacitating Strike, the bar you decided to put it on is your choice, some people put it on both bars. Otherwise, you can put Flawless Dawnbreaker on your other bar. 


Initialize - Relentless Focus, Barswap, Endless Hail, Trap, Caltrops, Poison Injection (barswap cancel), Lightattack into Relentless bow.
Rota: Rending slashes, Suprise Attack x2, Bladecloak, Relentless proc, Barswap, Endless Hail, Trap, Caltrops, Poison Injection (barswap cancel), Relentless proc, Recast Relentless.
Execute (25% or less): Killers blade x4-5 (depends on latency for me), Bladecloak, Endless Hail, Rearming Trap, Poison Injection (barswap cancel).


The key to Nightblades this patch is light attack weaving with Grim Focus, for Stamblades, that is Relentless Focus. This is a general rotation, the best results I have found on Stamblade, do not follow a set rotation, rather a fluid recasting of dots on cooldown. 

Q: When do I heavy attack?

A: I replace surprise attack with heavy attacks as needed.

Q: When do I ult?

A: If in War Machine, on cooldown, otherwise, before the FIRST Relentless bow proc on your front bar, or when Endless Hail is at 4 seconds.

Champion Point Distribution

CP: 14 Physical Weapon Expert, 56 Master At Arms, 44 Thaumaturge, 56 Precise Strikes, 21 Piercing, 49 Mighty.

More Notes

Attribute Points: All into Stamina.

Mundus: Warrior

Race: The best race to go with an Aquity setup is Redguard, they have high max stamina pools and some stamina return. For non Aquity setups, Khajiit is the best option.

Food:  Blue Max Health + Max Stamina.

Potions:  Weapon Power and Weapon Critical 

Weapons: If in aquity, one axe main hand, if not, two daggers.

I'd like to thank all my friends who have beared with me through the making of this Stamblade, more specifically, Rataroto and Nosferatu Zodd.
I'd also like to thank iHobi for the parse submission you see above.