Precursor Maker Clockwork City DLC Achievement Guide

• Activate the quest for this achievement on the notice board, north of the bank inside the Brass Fortress.

• After doing the intro quest to find the Integral of Memory, the Precursor will give you a random clue to locate one of his missing parts.

• Every item you need will be found inside a Dwemer delve.

• You do not have to return each piece one at a time.

Left Arm – Ylduun (Alik’r)
Right Leg – Santaki (Alik’r)
Cheastpiece – Aldunz (Alik’r)
Right Arm – Klathzgar (Bangkorai)
Left Leg – Avanchnzel (The Rift)
Pelvis – Lower Bthanual (Deshaan)
Right Hand – Mzithumz (Deshaan)
Nullification staff – Bthanual (Deshaan)
Spine – Mzulft (Eastmarch)
Left Hand – Inner Sea Armature (Stonefalls)
Dynamo Core – Bthark (Stros M’kai) Requires “Buried Secrets” quest
Integral of Calculus – Mechanical Fundament (Clockwork City)
Integral of Introspection – Near the Ventral Terminus (Clockwork City)
Integral of Reason – Machine District (Clockwork City). Requires “Lost in the Gloam” quest