"Masterclass" Magblade by Cicisch  - Summerset Isles

Presented by @Cicisch ~ Damage, heals, merciless, what's not to like?

General Introduction

The Magblade has always had the highest learning curve out of any class in ESO, but once you master it, it is very rewarding and fun to play. With the changes and added skills brought on by Summerset Isles, magblades are the strongest magicka DPS in the game at the moment and can play in both a ranged and melee spot with high DPS results. Because of this, the class has flexibility in gear and skills it can use, allowing for people to experiment and work their playstyle in.


All of the following gear setups will use the exact same layout trait/enchant wise.  Your monster sets should have one piece as medium armor and the other has heavy armor in order to get the undaunted passive.  For the body pieces, 1 or 2 of your major armor pieces (Helmet, Chest and Legs) should be infused while the rest is going to be divine. Due to the changes in Summerset Isles, infused now out parses divine on major body pieces, but it is a small difference so if you do not have the pieces, it is not a huge loss.  For your jewelry all 3 pieces should have the spell damage enchant with arcane traits, however on a fight with a long execution phase (IE Assembly General) you are going to want to run 1 piece with bloodthirsty. Your front bar infused staff should have the fire damage enchant on it while the back staff has the berserker enchant on it.


  • 5x Siroria's Boon
  • 5x Mother's Sorrow
  • 2x Zaan
  • 1x Mother's Sorrow Inferno Infused 
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused

Burning Spellweave/Mother's Sorrow

  • 5x Burning Spellweave
  • 5x Mother's Sorrow
  • 2x Skoria
  • 1x Mother's Sorrow Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infusesd

Mechanical Acuity/Masters Architect

  • 5x Mechanical Acuity
  • 5x Master's Architect
  • 2x Zaan
  • 1x Mechanical Acuity Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused


Burning Spellweave/Mechanical Acuity

  • 5x Burning Spellweave
  • 5x Mechanical Acuity
  • 2x Skoria
  • 1x Mechanical Acuity Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused


Bar Setup (Force Pulse Spam)

Front:  Impale, Crippling Grasp, Force Pulse, Merciless Resolve, Innerlight   
Ulti:  Soul Harvest

Back: Unstable Wall of Fire, Twisting/Refreshing Path, Flex Spot, Siphoning Attacks, Inner Light 
Ulti: Fiery Rage

Bar Setup (Elemental Weapon Spam)

Front:  Impale, Crippling Grasp, Elemental Weapon, Merciless Resolve, Inner Light   
Ulti: Fiery Rage

Back: Unstable Wall of Fire, Twisting/Refreshing Path, Flex Spot, Siphoning Attacks, Inner Light   
Ulti: Soul Harvest

Bar Setup (Funnel Health Spam)

Front: Impale, Twisting/Refreshing Path, Funnel Health, Merciless Resolve, Inner Light    Ulti: Fiery Rage

Back:  Unstable Wall of Fire, Crippling Grasp, Flex Spot, Siphoning Attacks, Inner Light     Ulti:  Soul Harvest


Step 1:   Apply Siphoning Strikes --> Apply Merciless Resolve --> Drop Destro Ulti --> Potion Immediately

Step 2: Light Attack --> Crippling Grasp( Barswap) --> Light Attack --> Unstable Wall --> Light Attack --> Refreshing/Twisting Path (Barswap)

Step 3: Start Light Attack weaving your spammable --> Cast Merciless on proc --> Refresh DoT's on cooldown

Execution Phase: Keep up Unstable Wall,  Refreshing/Twisting Path and Merciless resolve while weaving light attacks and impale


Notes: Your light attacks are SO important on a nightblade. . For a dummy parse, cast soul harvest whenever it is up. Depending on the fight and gear you can use destro ultimate instead. Refresh your DoTs as they expire - using unstable wall will force you onto your back bar more than other classes. 

CP Allocation


3mil with Burning Spellweave, Mother's Sorrow & Zaan
6mil with Burning Spellweave, Mother's Sorrow & Zaan
Ra Kotu parse in Burning Spellweave, Acuity & Skoria

Q&A and notes and stuff

Mundus: Thief, unless running acuity, then use apprentice

Attribute Points: Everything into Magicka

Food: Witchmothers or Clockwork Citrus Fillet

Potions: Spellpower potions

Passives: It is very helpful to have Veil of Blades in case your group needs mitigation ultimates. I also suggest leveling Reaper's Mark in case you are ever asked to run it as well as Shooting Star, Rearming Trap, and Channeled Acceleration

Race: Dunmer is optimal, but High Elf is just as viable


Why Unstable Wall of Fire? 

Unstable Wall of Fire has a higher overall DPS output than Elemental Blockade, but a higher magicka use. With the proper weaving and gear you should have no sustain issues with magicka, but if you are running low on magicka while running this build you can switch it to Elemental Blockade


Twisting Path or Refreshing Path? 

In short, yes.   Which you run is solely dependent on what you are doing. If you are doing a trial in which you need a lot of self heals, like in vAS or vCR  you would use Refreshing Path to give you the self heals. Whereas if you are running content where self heals are not a factor, it is better to go Twisting Path.  Due to the changes to the class this patch the DPS difference is so minimal that it is  more dependent on what you are doing than which one is the best DPS. 

Elemental Weapon or Force Pulse? 

Elemental Weapon is the better DPS no matter what you are doing. The only time to not use it would be that you need to run funnel health, or you do not have  Summerset Isles content unlocked.  In that case you would run Force Pulse since you do not have access to Elemental Weapon.