Azor Ahai

MagTemplar by @Nosferatuzod

Back with a vengeance, the Magplar is strong again! Although missing our signaturing puncturing sweep as a main spammable, the damage with Elemental Weapon speaks for itself! Versatility, sustain, high resistance make this a formidable choice for a range dps class! The simplicity of its rotation will allow even a new player to parse high.

Primary Gear

Monster Set: Zaan (Divine)

Armor: 5x Siroria (Divine)

Jewelry: 3x Spell Strategist (3x Bloodthirsty)

Frontbar: Spell strat Inferno (Infused)

Backbar: vMA Inferno (Infused)

Gear Tips:  All armor is max magicka enchant, jewelry is max spell power enchant and front bar staff is aborsb magicka while back bar is fire enchant. You should have 5x  light, 1x medium, 1x heavy for gear allocation.

Bar Setup

Front Bar:

  • Inner Light
  • Purifying Light
  • Radiant Oppression
  • Elemental Weapon
  • Blazing Spear
  • Destro Ulti

Back Bar:

  • Inner Light (Harness Magicka)
  • Channeled Focus
  • Channeled Acceleration
  • Blockade of Fire
  • Vampire’s Bane
  • Crescent sweep

Alternate Gear

  • Siroria/Burning Spellweave
  • Siroria/Mother’s Sorrow


General rotation  tip: 

During stationary fights replace Channeled Acceleration with Rearming trap

Starting a fight

Channeled Acceleration>Channeled Focus>Barswap>Destro Ult>Barswap

Rotation before 25% hp

1. LA>Elemental Blockade>LA>Vampire’s Bane>Barswap

2. LA>Blazing Spear>LA>Purifying Light>[LA>Elemental Weapon] x 4

Rinse and repeat until 25%. Reapplying channeled acceleration and Channeled Focus on cooldown during the Elemental Weapon Spam. Each Channeled Focus cast takes 1 GCD and each Channeled Acceleration takes 2 GCD.

Rotation for 25%-8% hp

LA>Elemental Blockade>LA>Blazing Spear>[LA>Radiant Oppression] x 3

Rotation for 8%-0% hp

LA>Radiant Oppression

Video Examples

Questions and Tips

Food?  Citrus Fillet or Witchmothers

Potions?  Spell Damage

Mundus?  The Thief

Race?  Dark elf or High elf

Guild Rules

These are designed to make sure everyone enjoys their experience while playing with us.

  1. This is a game, we are here to have fun. Our guild is here to help you accomplish your objectives, and keep things fun.
  2. Download and install Discord (at least listen even if you don’t speak).
  3. Please keep the chat in Discord and Guild Chat at a comfortable level.
  4. Join up with us during the regularly scheduled PvP/PvE times, as noted on this website.
  5. When we PvP – we work together.
  6. STAY ON THE CROWN and listen to instructions from the officers and the group leader.
  7. Work on your builds, and ask for help if needed!

About Anthem & Applying

Anthem started off as a small Aldmeri Dominion focused pvp guild running small organised events and slowly grew into a cross faction alliance guild that centres itself around trials, dungeons, pvp events of all three factions & trading.

We’re proud to say we do a little bit of everything but still keep our core focus on hard end game pve content such as vet trials as well as organised AD pvp and we’re accepting of everyone regardless of your experience, background or knowledge.

If you think you’d like like to apply to our little family on eso, then feel free to send an in game mail to any of the officers or message them in game to find out more.

If you’re just here to browse, then feel free to take advantage of our guides section, written by some of our top members with years of experience on eso.

Want to submit a build?

Please contact either @Horowonnoe or @Dessolate in game or on discord to submit your PVE or PVP build for the website.

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