Nos's "Azor Ahai" Magplar DPS guide

Rangeplar - (Dragon Bones DLC Ready)

The most optimal build I was able to come up with for this patch, which can get some decent results when practiced)


  • 5 Mechanical Acuity Armor with Magicka Enchants (1 Health Enchant on big piece)
  • 3 Moondancer Jewelry with Spell damage enchants
  • 1 Maelstrom Fire Destro Staff Infused (Spell Damage Enchant)
  • 1 Asylum Fire Destro Infised (Fire enchant)

All gear is 5 light 1 medium 1 heavy. 

Use Health and Magicka Setup if you feel like you have enough sustain.

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Main bar (vAS Staff) - Inner light, Purifying Light, Vampire's Bane, Force Pulse, Radiant Oppression. Ultimate - Empowering Sweep
B-Bar: Offbar Bar (vMA Staff) - Inner Light, Channeled Focus, Blazing Spear, Rearming Trap, Elemental Blockade. Ultimate - Fiery Rage


Pre Rotation: Channeled Focus>Inner Light

Step 1: Destro Ult>Rearming Trap>LA>Elemental Blockade>LA>Blazing Spear>Barswap

Step 2: LA>Vamp bane>LA>Purifying Light>(LA>Force Pulse x 4)>Barswap

Step 3: LA>Elemental Blockade>LA>Blazing Spear>LA>Rearming Trap (or channeled focus every other rotation)>Bar Swap animation cancel

Step 4: LA>Purifying Light> [Do 3 times (LA+Force Pulse) and put an LA>Vamp Bane whenever its duration is below 2 seconds]

Alternate Between Steps 3 and 4 till around 10%

Below 10% Step 1: LA>Elemental Blockade>LA>Blazing Spear>Barswap

Step 2: (LA>Radiant Oppression) x 2

Video of the build in action

Champion point allocation

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: Everything into magicka

Mundus: Apprentice

Food:  Witchmothers Brew or Citrus Filet

Potions:  Spell Power Potions

Notes: I use all passives