Nos's "Azor Ahai" Magplar DPS guide

Rangeplar - (Summerset Isles Ready)


  • 5 Perfected Siroria Armor 
  • 3 Mother's Sorrow Jewelery
  • 2 Zaan
  • 1  vMA Inferno Infused
  • 1 Mother's Sorrow Inferno Infused

You can use non-perfected Siroria armor, but is going to be a DPS loss. All Armor is 5 light 1 medium 1 heavy with Magicka Enchant and divine. The Jewelry is going to be 2 Arcane and 1 Blood Thirsty.  For the vMA staff you want Spell Damage enchant and for the Mothers Sorrow staff you want Fire Enchant. 


Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Main bar (Mothers Sorrow Inferno) -  Inner light, Purifying Light, Vampire's Bane, Elemental Weapon, Blazing Spear. Ultimate - Fiery Rage
B-Bar: Offbar Bar (vMA Inferno) - Inner Light, Spell Symmetry, Channeled Acceleration, Harness Magicka, Elemental Blockade. Ultimate - Empowering Sweep


Pre Rotation: Inner Light>Channeled Acceleration>Bar Swap>Fiery Rage>Barswap

Step 1: LA>Elemental Blockade>Barswap

Step 2: LA>Blazing Spear>LA>Vamp Bane>LA>Purifying Light>(LA>Elemental Weapon x 4)>Barswap

Alternate Between Steps 1 and 2. If Magicka gets low replace each LA>Elemental Weapon cast with LA>Spell Symetry.

Video of the build in action

Champion point allocation

Blue Tree

64 Elemental Expert, 28 Spell Erosion, 48 in Elfborn, 51 in Thaumaturge, 51 Master at Arms, 8 Staff Expert

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: Everything into magicka

Mundus: Lover

Food:  Witchmothers Brew or Citrus Filet

Potions:  Spell Power Potions

Notes: I use all passives

Why Vampires Bane?

Does more single target damage than Reflective Light AND stays on target during movement.