“The Selfless Zoo” Triple Pet Sorc Build for Summerset Isles

Presented by @Horowonnoe - this build gives it all to the group

DESCRIPTION: This build is the magicka version of the stam buffbitch we all knew and loved last patch. As not to burden your healers with having to run lightning wall and such silly things as IA, this sorc buffbitch can wear it instead and have a much higher IA uptime while at it.


  • 5x Necropotence
  • 5x Infallible Aether (one lightning staff, infused with fire enchant - front bar)
  • 2x Zaan (swap to Ilambris for fights were Zaan is not in range)
  • 1x vMA Lightning Staff or Fire Staff (infused with spell damage enchant - back bar) Note: If you have people running vAS inferno staves or Elemental Weapon, switch to a fire wall, since lightning wall will not be necessary.

Change!: Since this patch it was changed how light attack scaling works, now it is better to have your large pieces be Infused instead of divines. So that means - head, chest and legs.

Jewelry: Still being worked on. I am not yet sure what the best traits will be. Possible will want to have some of your jewelry be in bloodthirsty trait. I will update as i find out.

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Daedric Prey, Mages Wrath, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Tormentor, Bound Aegis, Elemental Storm
B-Bar: Unstable Wall of Storms, Lightning Flood, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Tormentor, Flex Spot (i would put shield here), Greater Atronach


Initialize - Summon both pets, Potion, Destro Ult, Command both pets
Rota: Unstable wall, Light Attack (la), Lightning flood, (barswap cancel), LA, Curse, Heavy Attack x1, Familiar, LA, Tormentor (only while enemy is above 50% health. Cast tormentor every 3 rotations. )(barswap cancel)
Execute (20% or less): Wall, LA, Flood, (swap), LA, Familiar, LA, Mages wrath + LA Weave until ele blockade has 1 sec left, repeat.

Q&A and notes and stuff


Why Zaan? Well, Zaan is at the moment the highest parsing monster set in the game, especially where single target damage is concerned. It is so good, it is simply a sin to not use it. It can be used in most fights, since (despite popular belief) it's range is quite large. For example - Zaan can reach Z'hajassa from a ranged position. It can reach Rakkat. On twins everyone is melee anyway, so. That is 3/3 bosses in a trial where it works. And there are many more. However, when there is a boss where Zaan is simply impossible to use or not worth it (i.e. trash pulls, bosses where you stand far away etc) simply swap to Ilambris. Ezpz.

Why Lightning Flood and not Liquid Lightning? 

It does more damage per tick, and since in this build we are not worried about magicka sustain, it is possible to sustain this morph.

Why unstable wall and not wall of elements?

Same reason as above. Also Lightning Flood, Unstable Wall and Daedric Prey have really nice timers that work well together.

Why atronach instead of meteor?

Atronach buffs your group! And as the buff bitch (ahem babe) it is your job to give them Major Berserk buff so they can parse higher.

I am out of Magicka, HELP!

You should not be running out of magicka, omg. If you are, use 2x heavy attacks instead of one, but that will reduce the dmg.
Jewelry x3 spell damage enchant. Replace one or two with magicka regen if you are having issues.

CP: 48 - Elfborn, 64 - Ele Expert, 26 - Spell Erosion, 28 - Master of Arms, 3-Staff Expert, 81 - Thaum

Attribute Points

Everything into magicka! : )

Mundus: Apprentice

Racial Passives

Your character’s race is kind of important in ESO. At the moment the most optimal race for magicka sorc is High Elf.


Blue Max Health + Magicka food or Witchmothers.

Potions:  Spell Power Potions


  • * When just starting your parse don’t light attack before the first liquid lightning. Do LA before LL when you are already parsing and in rotation
  • ** As you start your rotation use destro ult, and subsequently use atronach. When in trials use atronach for single target and use destro ult for large add pulls.
  • Um i didn’t mention this, but use spell power potion on cooldown.

Thank you to my friends who have contributed this knowledge, all the meta sorcs out there and many others I have not named.