"Spamber Plasm " Magicka Sorcerer Build for PVP

By @zizo-rip

With the no CP in BG's this build is aimed toward magicka PvP


  • 5 Spinner (jewelry, staff, 1 piece body)
  • 5 Amberplasm 5 body,
  • 1 Domihaus

You can substitute 5 Shacklebreaker for amberplasm

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Frag, Pulse, Curse, Rune Prison, Fury, Meteor B-Bar: Bolt lightning, lightning form, hardened ward, Healing ward, power surge, flex slot


The kill potential is focused on meteor and rune prison. Curse, meteor, rune prison (cant be blocked or dodged), and finish off with a fury. Everything else is survive. Turtle away until you have a meteor up.

BG's Screenie:

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 64 Points into Magicka

Mundus: Atro, Apprentice, Mage all work

Racial Passives: Best race for this build is Altmer or Breton

Food:  Witchmothers potent brew or Trifood

Potions: lingering health + major vitality, lingering health + speed boost, Any immovable (I prefer health,stam,immov