“Line of Fire” Nonpet Sorc Build for Dragon Bones

Presented by @Horowonnoe - Never liked the pets? No worries!


  • 5x Mechanical Acuity
  • 3x Willpower Jewelry (spell dmg enchants)
  • 2x Ilambris or Zaan
  • 1x Perfected vAS Inferno Staff (infused with fire enchant) - Front bar
  • 1x vMA Lightning Staff (nirnhoned or infused with spell damage enchant) - Back bar

Alternate Setup

  • You can use non-perfected inferno staff if you don't have a perfected one. But it will be about 2k difference in DPS.

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Haunting Curse, Force Pulse, Crystal Fragments, Inner Light, Bound Aegis, Shooting Star or Atronach Ultimate
B-Bar: Liquid Lightning, Lightning Blockade, Mages Wrath, Shield or Flex spot (can use any skill you might need), Bound Aegis, Destro Ult


Initialize - Activate bound aegis, drink potion, start with destro ult from your back-bar
Rota: Liquid Lightning, Light Attack (la), Elemental Blockade, (barswap cancel), LA, Curse (use curse on cooldown)*, Force pulse + LA weave with frags when procced until wall of elements is around 1 second left(swap)
Execute (20% or less): LL, LA, Ele Blockade, (swap), LA, Mages wrath + LA Weave until wall is around 1 second left. Repeat until enemy is dead.

Q&A and notes and stuff

I am out of Magicka, HELP!

You should not be running out of magicka if you are popping synergies and have ele drain applied to the enemy. Also remember to be a vampire since that will help your sustain a lot. Occasionally, when your magicka dips below 30% do a heavy attack. 
Jewelry x3 spell damage enchant. Replace one or two with magicka regen if you are still having issues.

CP: 56 - Elfborn, 37 - Ele Expert, 46 - Spell Erosion, 26 - Master of Arms, 75 - Thaum

Attribute Points

Everything into magicka! : )

Mundus: Apprentice

Racial Passives

Your character’s race is kind of important in ESO. At the moment the most optimal race for magicka sorc is High Elf.


Clockwork Citrus Filet is the best in slot magicka food at the moment. If you can't afford it use Witchmothers instead.

Potions:  Spell Power Potions


  • * When just starting your parse don’t light attack before the first liquid lightning. Do LA before LL when you are already parsing and in rotation
  • ** As you start your rotation use destro ult, and subsequently use meteor or atronach. When in trials use meteor/atronach for single target and use destro ult for large add pulls.
  • Um i didn’t mention this, but use spell power potion on cooldown.

Thank you all the great sorcs of the game who have come up with this meta. I am not the unique original author. I simply am writing this down for people to use. Enjoy.