"Potion Addict" Magicka Nightblade Build for PVP

By @laissezfaire

Build is focused around consuming Potions (for sustain, healing and Damage)


  • 2 pcs Valkyn Skoria
  • 5 pcs. Clever Alchemist
  • 1 pc Mealstrom restoration staff
  • 1 pc Masters inferno
  • 3x Willpower Jewelry

See screenshot - 6 Heavy - 1 light. Could go 5 Heavy, 1 Med, 1 Light

3X reduce potion cooldown on jewelry

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Merciless Resolve, Crippling Grasp, Flame reach, Fear, Cloak U: Incap (or soul harvest)

B-Bar: Siphoning Attacks (or Stam morph), Rapid Regen (or Mutagen), Degeneration, Funnel Health (or Swallow Soul), Healing Ward U: Light's Champion (or Soul Tether)


This Build is more about grinding down your opponent but ideally, you would want to Cripple, Flame Reach, incap and then spectral Bow. Ideally, the burst would be planned around valkyn skoria going off.

Champion Point Setup:

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 64 Points into Magicka

Mundus: Apprentice

Racial Passives: Best race for this build is Altmer or Breton or Dark Elf

Food:  Witchmothers potent brew

Potions: Lingering Health Pots (w/ Major Vitality)


  • Healing is focused around HoTs via Funnel Health, Siphoning Attacks (via light attacks), Degeneration (via light attacks), Rapid regen. Light's Champion only used in emergency. Argonian is highly recommended. The consumption of potions gives you Clever Alchemist buff, Argonian Potion passive, NB ulti regen, and 50% up time of major vitality. Vamp is recommended