Magicka Dragonknight for Summerset Isles

Presented by @Darkspawn

With the new Summerset Isles content and class changes, the MagDK is finally viable again. This build will go over a variety of gear set ups that are all viable with marginal differences in DPS gain/loss between them. They will be listed in the order of Best to Worst in terms of DPS.  It is to note though, that all of these sets are capable of parsing 38k ~ 45k on a 3/6mil dummy, and they all put out DPS in the high 40k ~ 50k in trials assuming your Light Attack weaving is on point. This guide is based off normal Siroria gear, as it is not expected for everybody to have access to full Perfected Siroria Gear

Skill Setup

Frontbar Skills: Flame Lash - Engulfing Flames - Burning Embers - Rearming Trap - Inner Light - Destro Ulti

Backbar Skills: Blockade of Fire - Eruption - Flames of Oblivion - Harness Magicka (Elemental Drain for parsing) - Inner Light - Standard of Might Ulti

Champion Points

44 Elfborn, 49 Elemental Expert, 30 Spell Erosion, 27 Staff Expert, 56 Master at Arms, 44 Thaumaturge


Step 1: Lay Down Trap then Flames of Oblivion,(start dps on back bar) Eruption, Light Attack, Blockade, Bar swap 

Step 2: Engulfing Flames, Light Attack, Burning Embers, Light Attack, (Pending Elf bane or No Elf bane) Between 4 to 6 Flame Lash + Light attack weaves, Barswap

Step 3: Blockaid, light attack, Flames of Oblivion, light attack, Standard, Barswap

Step 4: Engulfing Flames, Light attack, Burning Embers, light attack, Trap, light attack, Between 2 to 4 Flame Lash + Light attack weaves - Basically Barswap when there is 1 second left on Blockade and re-apply dots on cooldown

Siroria + Burning Spellweave

  • 5x  Siroria
  • 2x  Zaan
  • 3x Burning Spellweave Jewelry 
  • 1x Burning Spellweave Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused

For this build you are going to want to have all divine pieces of armor, with 5 light, 1 medium and 1 heavy armor pieces. Your front bar weapon should have the fire enchant and your back bar weapon should have the weapon damage enchant. Typical 3mil parse is around 41-44k. It's also important that all of your Burning Spell Weave pieces are Gold as the 5 piece bonus scales with the armor color. If you can't get Burning spell weave then Julianos is a fine alternative. 

Siroria + Elfbane

  • 5x Elfbane
  • 5x Siroria
  • 2x Zaan
  • 1x  Siroria Inferno Infused 
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused

With this build, you should be running 5 light pieces and 2 heavy pieces of gear, with 1 ring or body piece using healthy trait, while everything else is divine. The suggested build for this is to use 3 Elfbane jewelry with the other 2 pieces being body pieces, with everything else filling around that. Your front bar inferno should be Fire enchant and the back bar should be Weapon Damage enchant

Burning Spellweave + Elfbane

  • 5x Elfbane
  • 5x Burning Spellweave
  • 2x Zaan
  • 1x Burning Spellweave Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused

The suggested set up for this build is that you use 5 light armor pieces with 2 heavy armor pieces, with one piece of the Elfbane set  having the healthy trait and the rest divine. Your front bar staff should be fire enchant while your back bar is Weapon damage page. 

Burning Spellweave + Moondancer

  • 5x Burning Spellweave
  • 5x Moondancer
  • 2x Zaan
  • 1x Moondancer Inferno Infused
  • 1x vMA Inferno Infused

This optimal setup for this build uses 5 light, 1 medium and 1 heavy armor pieces with body pieces being divine. It does not matter if Burning Spellweave is in the jewelry or if it is Moondancer. The front bar staff should be Fire Damage enchant while the back bar should be Weapon Damage Enchant. 

Q&A with Notes and tips

Food: Clockwork Citrus Filet is preferred but Withmothers Potent Brew works as well

Potions: Spell power pots (Lady Smock + Cornflower + (Optional) Water Hyacinth)

Race:  Dark Elf

Molten Whip or Flame Lash?

You could go either way. I like Flame Lash for the Off Balance Proc. You will solo parse better with Molten Whip for sure, especially if you stack Ardent Flame abilities on your front bar. I just feel that Flame Lash is a little better in raids. That is a personal preference though.

I am having issues staying alive?

If you are dying a lot the feel free to swap Harness Magicka with Rearming Trap. I have trap on the front bar for minor force up time since our base crit is TERRIBLE

Thanks to Alcast, I have been using his CP and it works well for these builds.