Intro to Anthem

Dru-Ha’s Guide for the Beginning Player & New Guild Member. Welcome to Anthem! It’s great to have you with us.

A very warm hello and welcome to those of you registering with discord and browsing the guild website for the first time. We’re delighted that you have found our happy little community and look forward to sharing the glory of the fight for Tamriel with you! By signing our discord, you now have access to a great deal of helpful information about scheduled events, builds, crafting, gear, and our standard operating procedures on the battlefield.

This guide is not meant to be comprehensive, rather a good point of departure for your own exploration. As you play the game more, you will encounter difficulties and will want to find ways to overcome those challenges. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the guild website and discord layout. These useful tools can provide tips that will help you be a better player and direct you to the best sources of information on various topics.

Most importantly….. Have fun! Thank you very much for being a part of our guild. Every member is important to us so if you feel like your needs are not being met, let us know. If you are frustrated by a certain aspect of our organization, please leave us some constructive feedback. We want to continue to be a very successful guild and the only way to ensure that is to work with newer members to share in training and practice by doing our runs together and getting that XP or AP.

Where do I get help?

Guild members and officers are usually available to answer many of your questions about the wide-world of ESO. However, please do not be insulted if you are referred to the Anthem website to get more detailed information about certain aspects of the game. No one has ever refused to answer a question, but officers take great time to post detailed, thoughtful reviews/ analyses of the game-meta, so you will definitely get a more thorough answer to many common questions by checking the forums than you would by asking in the middle of a raid.

It’s much more beneficial to read the work of an expert who has researched a topic and posted a thorough piece on it than it is to consult multiple people with varying degrees of expertise in these matters. Also, if you are asking for advice on a build while group members are in combat and your distraction leads to their death, I’m guessing that they will be less inclined to help you. If you do need help, find out who to talk to and ask if they would be willing to go into another channel in discord to advise you without everyone else in the first channel being required to participate in the conversation. Use your judgment.

There are MANY experienced members in our guild. Someone needn’t be an officer to be a fantastic giver of advice on how to be successful in ESO.

You may also find that you are given suggestions of youTube videos/channels or other, external sites as resources. A player’s character build is a series of personal choices and while there may be a few character-class-skills that are “required” for certain activities, overall the choices are yours. Out of respect for your individuality, you may be asked to watch a few videos on how to maximize your character’s abilities rather than have a build dictated to you. Again, there are AWESOME, detailed suggestions on builds in the #builds discord channel and in the “builds” section of the website.


Please check the in-game guild message-of-the-day (by pressing “G” and looking at the first tab) for upcoming guild-wide events or on the calendar of events on the website. Also, if you need help completing a challenge don’t be hesitant to ask for a group. Guild text chat is very effective for finding group members and the “LFG” room/channel in Anthem discord is a great place to put together a party to complete your challenge. After a gaming session many teammembers will group-off to go do separate activities, so those who aren’t bashful during the discussion of “what we do next” are more likely to get a group together to complete an activity.


The enjoyment and in-game-rewards that can be had from PvP will often depend on factors such as how many members are in our group and what the map “looks-like” (how much territory is held by our faction at a given time or how many members of the opposing faction are online in a given-instance). Because of this, you may find that on occasion a PvP night will turn into a PvE night. Or we may jump on alt-toons.

Example: If we are looking to run in Imperial City and are faced by giant zergs of red (large groups of an enemy faction), instead of putting ourselves in a position to die over-and-over against overwhelming odds we may decide to go do veteran-level pledges until the population on the PvP server is more manageable. On occasion, we may even switch servers.

If this is the case, please join us! If we’re not doing a scheduled activity at the appropriate time, there’s usually a sound reason for it. Don’t get frustrated. Join us and have fun. Follow crown! Listen to crown!

Basic expectation of humanity

Nobody is perfect. Diversity makes us strong. Please refrain from using language that could potentially alienate other guild-members. We take pride in making members feel welcome and one of the easiest ways to undermine our good-will is through the use of racial/ethnic slurs, sexist comments, or comments meant (and sometimes even those not-meant) to draw negative attention to the differences among us as human-beings. Remember that on the other end of every headset is a person with their own thoughts on the world and their own daily struggles. We all look to this game and guild as a place where we can be ourselves, relax, and have fun! Again, we don’t expect perfection- but if you repeatedly offend others it will be noticed very quickly and much like on the playground…. the other kids just won’t want to play with you anymore. Please help Anthem continue to be a place of safety, camaraderie, and happiness for all members.

If it’s the day-time, try to keep the chat PG-13. Though we are mostly adults, many of our members have children. If a guild-member is in discord using the “push-to-talk” feature (strongly encouraged), it means that children may be hearing what you are saying without you knowing. Again, we don’t expect everyone to be perfect; just try to control yourself. At night this guideline becomes much more relaxed. How can I tell what people are doing online at a given-time?:

First, check the Anthem website’s calendar and message of the day in-game. Next, type “G” ingame and select the second tab for “roster’ to see what zone of Tamriel everyone is in. This can give you a hint at what individual guild members are up to. If that doesn’t work of you, then check discord to see which channel we are in. However, just seeing a large group in the channel labelled “Dungeons” does NOT always necessarily mean that everyone is in the same dungeon. If a group is started for one activity, but stays together for a number of runs, quests, or pledges we may forget to switch channels each time. We do try to keep this organized with decent success, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few weeks. If you want to do a particular thing in-game, go ahead and type a request in guild-chat.

Example: I see everyone in the channel for AD PvP, but when I joined the channel half of the group is in the IC sewers and half is leveling in old Orsinium. I wanted to do PvP, but I also really need to finish the Spindleclutch dungeon.

In all likelihood, someone else who is leveling a new character will want to do that dungeon as well- but hasn’t found the group for it at the right time yet. By typing your request in chat, or joining our IC Sewers group for a while and then bringing your suggestion (Spindleclutch) up in discord when we are not in combat you will probably be able to get a good, dedicated group together more effectively than you would with “ESO group-finder”.


Some activities require veteran level (or now, champion 160/690) characters. This is not really imposed by the guild, but moreso by ZOS due to the difficulty of the challenge. If you are not over level 50 yet, or do not have a Champion160/690 level character, please do not feel excluded. If you’ve ever been part of a failed “Maw of Lorkaj” run, you’ll know that the frustration that comes from not knowing one’s specific role or not being appropriately leveled/ armored can be VERY depressing. For this reason, please understand that end-game-content does often require great coordination, good equipment, and more than just a touch of finesse. A non-vet group may assemble afterwards anyway to do the same or a similar activity on everyone’s “baby-toons”.


Not all members of the guild have access to the guild bank! As of now, the bank is exclusively used as storage for the auction, raffle, and guild-hall.


We are very fortunate to have fantastic financial officers and a functioning guild-trader. Please make a weekly donation to the guild that is comfortable for the amount of in-game gold that you earn by purchasing raffle tickets. Buying raffle tickets (500g/ticket) gets you an excellent chance of winning great prizes and far more gold than you used in your ticket-purchase. Having a well-stocked guild-bank ensures our ability to keep the guild-trader and keeps our bank full with the siege equipment you love/need.

Taka, Boffin, PBnJ, and Hollyhop are our Fiduciaries (treasurers) and Taka’s add-ons allow her to draw raffle winners every Sunday evening, completely at random. I never thought I would win, and then I did for a couple of weeks in a row. Taka often gives away extra special bonus prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place as well as to random winners on occasion. The more tickets you have, the more likely you will win! If your toons can afford it, try to buy AT LEAST 10-20 tickets per week. If you can, please buy many more.

If you don’t make that kind of gold in-game yet, come do some profitable runs with us and consider opening up those skill-lines/champion trees. If you’re running with us regularly in PvE, you should be rolling in the gold soon enough. Try to share some of the wealth. It keeps our guild healthy.

Raffle tickets are purchased simply by depositing gold in the Anthem guild bank. Each 500g increment buys you one ticket. This is automatically logged and you do not need to email or send gold to anyone in order to buy/confirm tickets. It’s a nice, easy system. Please use it and enjoy the weekly nail-biting when winners are announced on Sunday evenings. It will probably be you someday and the more tickets you buy, the greater are your odds of winning.

Auction: Auction takes place at about 5:00 Eastern on Saturdays. Please watch in-game guild-chat for the Anthem Auction. Please, no “joke” bids and keep guild-chat clear of conversation while the auction is going on. It makes it too hard to follow where the bidding is at. Hollyhop and PBnJ work very hard to keep the auction fun and under a time-limit. Please be respectful and courteous. If you are LFG’ing, this would be a great time to use discord rather than guild-chat to not interfere with the auction.

Guild Rules

These are designed to make sure everyone enjoys their experience while playing with us.

  1. This is a game, we are here to have fun. Our guild is here to help you accomplish your objectives, and keep things fun.
  2. Download and install Discord (at least listen even if you don’t speak).
  3. Please keep the chat in Discord and Guild Chat at a comfortable level.
  4. Join up with us during the regularly scheduled PvP/PvE times, as noted on this website.
  5. When we PvP – we work together.
  6. STAY ON THE CROWN and listen to instructions from the officers and the group leader.
  7. Work on your builds, and ask for help if needed!

About Anthem & Applying

Anthem started off as a small Aldmeri Dominion focused pvp guild running small organised events and slowly grew into a cross faction alliance guild that centres itself around trials, dungeons, pvp events of all three factions & trading.

We’re proud to say we do a little bit of everything but still keep our core focus on hard end game pve content such as vet trials as well as organised AD pvp and we’re accepting of everyone regardless of your experience, background or knowledge.

If you think you’d like like to apply to our little family on eso, then feel free to send an in game mail to any of the officers or message them in game to find out more.

If you’re just here to browse, then feel free to take advantage of our guides section, written by some of our top members with years of experience on eso.

Want to submit a build?

Please contact either @Horowonnoe or @Dessolate in game or on discord to submit your PVE or PVP build for the website.

Other Good Online Resources