How to get Felms to jump correctly?

A guide by Horowonnoe, your local expert on getting Felms wrong

Group healing is easy!

So you are in veteran Asylum Sanctorium Hardmode and you are the group healer. “Group healing is easy!” they say. And yes, it can be. But it can also be challenging and rewarding if you choose to play it more proactively and aggressively. And this post is about some of the issues that can happen along the way on your path to becoming a great group healer.

So what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s for a moment consider the area of the vAS HM playable space. You are in general, for most of the fight in the area highlighted in cyan. This is the area where you kite, you heal and take Felms jumps. However it is a large space and with a large space, comes many options. Let’s take a look at some common Felms’ mis-jumps and try to figure out how we can fix that.

A good Felms jump

In the image below, I have illustrated a “good” Felms behavior. At the start of the fight, he is nicely stacked on Olms and the first jump goes to the group healer in the area marked with “jump 1”. Next, Felms jumps to the tank healer, in the area “jump 2”. Then, if the group healer is in the correct position, and everything else seems positioned correctly, Felms will be out-ranged.

I have been saying “out-ranged” for this whole post. What does it mean?

Basically, Felms jump range is just slightly smaller than the general area of the vAS. Is it a feature? Is it a flaw? ZOS has said repeatedly, that doing this is not an exploit so, it has become common practice for healers to do this strategy. So in the outranging situation, the furthest person away (the one Felms is supposed to jump to) is just so slightly out of range of the jump, that Felms basically gets confused and stays put. Thus resulting in 2 jumps.

In general as the group healer, your job is to take the first Felms jump on yourself, and then out-range the third jump, essentially making Felms jump only twice. This helps the group in many ways – it increases the DPS since Felms is closer to Olms for stacking, and it also makes the job of your offtank easier. They will thank you for it. However, that is not always how it happens. Why? Let’s take a look.

I got 2 jumps on me!

Welcome to vAS HM! This is probably one of the most common issues healers have. Sometimes you can’t really avoid it and have to just deal with it, but other times it is an issue with your or Felms positioning and can be corrected in future runs if you identify it correctly.

What are some ways you can get Felms twice?

The most common is probably a bad positioning on either Group healer or Tank healer.

You got 2 jumps on you as the group healer! In this scenario, it was because Tank healer was in the wrong spot for the jump 2. So even tho you were in the correct position yourself and attempted to outrange it, Felms jumped for the 3rd time because you were still in it’s range.

In this example, Group healer got 2 jumps on them, because the Group heal themselves were in the wrong position. You forgot to out-range Felms so you got 2 jumps on yourself there, friend.

Bad Felms Scenario #3: In this situation it is the Tank healer who gets 2 jumps. In general we usually try to avoid this, since Tank heal already has so many mechanics to deal with, we don’t want to make them take 2 jumps. Usually this is preventable, however. In this case, Tank heal got 2 jumps because the group healer was a little bit too close to the group, so Tank healer was the one who was the furthest away. So they got the first jump, resulting in 3 jumps total.

In this situation, both healers did their job correctly, and the fault falls on the Offtank. The Offtank either didn’t stack Felms in a timely manner, or left it stacked improperly, which caused Felms to be closer to Group healer initially than the Tank healer. In this particular situation, Group healer could have remedied the issue by observing that Felms is in a bad position and placed the initial jump closer to the back of the wall as indicated by the red arrow. This could have possibly fixed the issue of the two jumps to the tank healer. However, this comes with its own set of problems, I will cover that below in the section “Help, Felms jumped on Main Tank!”

Sometimes, however, there is absolutely nothing you can do about Felms jumping 3 times, and it is nobody’s fault. In the example above, Felms simply rip’d (died) while jumping to you and his body is near your kiting area. In this case, Felms will always jump to Tank healer first, to you second and to Tank healer again for the third time. In this situation, the best you can do is just call out to your group that Felms has died near you and that there will be three jumps. That way everyone can prepare to deal with it.

Help! Felms jumped on the Main Tank!!!!!

Uh oh, this is obviously no bueno. How could this happen?

Well as I mentioned above, if you as group healer place your first jump too far back, there is a chance that Felms won’t be able to jump to the Tank Healer because it will be outranged. Remember how we talked about Felms jumping range being slightly smaller than the playable space? Yeahhh, well this is where it comes into play, but not in a good way. The fix to this issue is very simple, just place your first Felms jump slightly closer to the group. But not TOO CLOSE.

Since it will be practically impossible to outrange Felms if it jumps to the Tank, you will likely also get the 3rd jump as well. This is one of the worst ways Felms can possibly jump, but not the absolutely worst. I saved that one for last. Stay tuned.

OMG NO! Felms jumped … in the group…. :(

This is probably the absolutely worst way a Felms can jump and you want to try to avoid this at all costs. It partially depends on where your group is at the time and where are you, and where the Felms is. This is very unlikely to happen during normal Felms jumps, but can occasionally occur during the Olms jump phase.

Note the little white triangles in the image, those represent DPS during Olms jumps. If the DPS are too close to the sides during this phase AND you are not far enough back as the group healer, Felms will jump to the sides and DESTROY your score run! :o This is the absolutely worst worst worst thing ever and it feels really really bad. So try your best to avoid this. During Olms jumps especially, be further back than you normally would to kite Felms. Then this will not occur.

And this is where the Bad Felms Jump list comes to an end. I will update this guide if I discover more ways Felms can jump bad and add more pics and solutions. Until then, I hope this was helpful to you!

Credits: Thank you to the wonderful people (you know who you are) who invited me to raid with their group and try to do my best. Which meant I discovered all these jump permutations as listed in this guide. <3

– Horow

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