Red Army Healing Guide - By Sweets


Armor sets: at least have worm OR mending paired with spc to be accepted into the Red Army. If you don’t have mending, that is fine. We can always help you farm your gold jewelry and armor once you start running with us.

:star:️worm- (vaults of madness) jewelry and 2 body

:star:️spell power cure- (white gold tower) 5 body but be able to pair with any off set you are required to wear I.e. worm, mending, IA, MA

:star:️mending- (AA) you’ll want gold jewelry and the same 2 body as worm.

:star:️infallible aether- (AA) gold jewelry and same 2 body.

:star:️master architect- (HoF) gold jewelry and same 2 body.

Weapons: you can pass without the master staves, but upon joining the Red Army, it should be your #1 goal to farm for them.

You can always use Red Army rank guild mates to help you look for groups, as most of them have experience in vet Dragon Star Arena and can help with mechanics.

:star:️master resto- (vDSA) infused with weakening enchant

:star:️master lightning- (vDSA) infused with shock enchant Skills:

:star:️undaunted orbs- energy morph preferred

:star:️aggressive war horn- alliance skill line

:star:️combat prayer- resto ability

:star:️healing springs- resto ability

:star:️elemental drain- destro ability

:star:️quick siphon- resto ability (not always needed, specific to fights and group content)