"The Original Nightflame" by Stevo (@FKNSTEVO)

The Original Bogdan the Nightflame healer's build


  • 2x Bogdan the Nightflame
  • 5 Vestment of Olorime,
  • 5 Jorvuld's Guideance, (lightning staff)
  • 1 Willpower (restoration staff)

Willpower restoration staff can be swapped out to master's resto, or perfected asylum resto depending on situation and needs of the group.

Notes: Jorvulds jewelry and destro (lightning staff) for 5 piece to be proc'd on back bar, 5 Olorime on body, Nightflame undaunted monster set, willpower restoration staff front bar

Bar Setup:

F-Bar: Purge, Breath of life, Inner light, Combat prayer, Illustrious healing, Barrier
B-Bar: Energy orb, Reflective light, Extended ritual, Channeled focus, Elemental drain, Aggressive warhorn


Keep extended ritual on group, channeled focus stays up, orbs every 20sec, reflective light every 6sec for ulti generating, prioritize combat prayer and springs for layering heals.

Champion point allocation

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 62mag 2 health

Mundus: Ritual

Food:  bi-stat blue max health, max magicka food

Potions:  Spell Power Potions

Notes: Class passives, Resto/destro passives, magicka controller from mages guild, vampire passives (supernatural recovery, undeath, unnatural resistance) alliance war passive Magicka Aid BOTH POINTS.