Veteran Sanctum Ophidia Offtanking Made Simple

By @zombi3h3art

General Introduction

I have hated off tanking vSO for a while now but this build makes it exponentially easier, especially loathing off tanking Ozara because my groups don't like giving me a healer to help out, so this is a complete self sustaining build. 6 heavy, 1 medium


  • 2x Earthgore
  • 5x Hist Bark on the body,
  • 5x Resilient Yokeda jewelry sword & shields

Notes: Run with selfish tanking weapon enchantments such as restore resources etc, i.e. not crusher enchantment

Bar Setup

Front Bar: talons, chains, green dragon blood, absorb magic, inner fire, magma shell ultimate

Back Bar: pierce armor, heroic slash, hardened armor, absorb magic, igneous shield, (flex ult slot; barrier*, dragon leap, Sword & Board ultimate)


Rotation as a tank basically means, you keep up your buffs, debuffs and make sure the boss doesn’t move. Or if your job is to move the boss somewhere, you move the boss quickly and efficiently.

Skills, Buffs, Debuffs (things to keep up at all times):

  1. Crusher Debuff - Every 500 resistance can be as much as 1% more group dps. Which matters more as your group gets better and progresses. Make sure crusher uptime is 100% or as close as you can get it to that. Note that crusher uptime is shorter than the time an enemy stays taunted.
  2. Taunt: Pierce Armor or Inner Rage - Your main job as a tank is to hold aggro and to debuff the enemies. Always make sure to pick out the enemy(ies) that pose the greatest risk to your party and aggro those first. Also make sure to range taunt melee and chain in ranged adds, if you are not otherwise preoccupied with holding the big bad boss or a stronger enemy.
  3. Heroic Slash - This skill will aid you in your ulti generation quest. Make sure you keep this up as much as you can. Of course after taunt and balance.
  4. Igneous Shield - Your shield, your stamina return skill. Spam this when you are out of stamina.

Spammables & things to do while buffs are up:

  • Heavy Attack - to regain resources
  • If you have space on your bar and time to spare, use Invigorating Drain to gain even more ultimate.
  • You can use Vigor to heal your allies, however use it sparingly, since it costs a lot of stamina.
  • Chain and Talon more adds if you are on downtime. Stack enemies, so your DPS allies have an easier time killing them.

Q&A and notes and stuff

Attribute Points: 50 Heaht, 14 Stamina

Mundus: Atronach

Racial Passives

Your character’s race is kind of important in ESO. Even as a tank. At the moment the two most optimal races for tanking are Imperial and Argonian.

Food:  Tri-Food. It will give you all three stats, and as a tank, you want a healthy pool of all of them.

Potions:  Tri-Stat-Potions. It will give you all three stats, and as a tank, when your potion comes up - you want to be able to get all the resources. Use this as your emergency heal and resource return.


  • Being a Vampire is useful as a tank. The extra fire damage you get from that is negligible (as a tank) and you get more regen for both magicka and stamina. On top of that - Invigorating Drain is a great skill to use to make your ulti gen even faster.
  • Use potion as your emergency resources and heal. Food should be consumed on cooldown however.
  • Always make sure enemies are taunted. There is an addon called “Untaunted” which will tell you how long is left until the taunt expires on any enemy you have previously taunted.
  • Purge Tracker addon is useful to have in many of the trials.
  • Make sure to level dragonknight skills, SnB skills, undaunted, alchemy duration