Daily Crafting Writs Guide By Cici

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Crafting is one of the many delights about ESO, and as such the game gives you six opportunities to complete daily writs in return for rewards. Below is a guide to doing these writs at the top level - using the CP150-160 mats. In order to be at this level, you have to have invested skill points into the first passive (at a minimum) of each crafting line until the passive is maxed. You cannot max the passives until you’ve reached level 50 of each crafting line.

Useful Addons: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter (Does a lot of the legwork for you)



  • Requires crafting 3 items (1 1-handed weapon and 2 armor pieces) using rubedite ingots
  • The items can be cp150 (would recommend, save your ingots!)
  • Potential rewards include a blacksmithing master writ, tempering alloy, blacksmithing surveys, lower level blacksmithing mats, or a glass style motif fragment.



  • Requires crafting 3 items (either 3 pieces of light armor - ancestor silk; or 3 pieces of medium armor - rubedo leather)
  • Items can be cp150 (again, recommended to save materials)
  • Potential rewards include a clothier master writ, dreugh wax, clothier survey, lower level clothing mats, or a glass style motif fragment.



  • Requires crafting 3 items using sanded ruby ash
  • Items can be crafted at the CP150 level (save the wood!)
  • Potential rewards include a woodworking master writ, rosin, a woodworking survey, lower level woodworking mats, or a glass style motif fragment.



  • Requires crafting either a potion of health, stamina, or magicka at cp150 (requires Lorkhan’s tears), or a potion of ravage health/magicka/stamina
  • Will also require turning in 3 of the same alchemy ingredient
  • Recommended to craft these en masse so you save time, make sure you have the chemistry passive maxed!
  • Rewards include 3 Alkahest, 3 Lorkhan’s Tears, and three of 2 different reagents (e.g.  3 lady’s smock and 3 corn flower); possibly an alchemy master writ or an alchemist survey
  • Tip on the alchemy survey - if you don’t like the reagents that have appeared, you can get out of the field of view and come back and the reagents will have changed.



  • Requires crafting a Superb Glyph of stamina, health, or magicka (cp150, white quality, needs the Rejera Potency stone)
  • Will require turn in of one runestone as well
  • Rewards include empty soul gems, a glyph, and possibly a Kuta, enchanting survey, or an enchanting master writ



  • Requires crafting 1 green-quality food that increases either max health, stamina, or magicka, and crafting 1 green-quality drink (alcohol, a tonic, or a tea)
  • Recipes are obtainable from NPC chefs and brewers, but will probably be cheaper in guild stores or you can ask around - the recipes often drop in the reward containers and so someone may have one to spare
  • Potential rewards include provisioning mats (always some white-quality ones, but sometimes you will receive frost mirriam or bervez juice), a recipe (green through purple quality), and possibly a fragment of the Psijic Ambrosia recipe (requires 7 fragments in total) or a provisioning master writ


Master Writ Guide:


  • Improving your chances:
    • for equipment master writs, your chances are increased by the number of completed styles you know and the number of traits you have researched. A 9 trait crafter who knows every style in the game will have the highest drop rate chances.
    • For provisioning master writs, the more recipes your toon knows, the higher the drop chance is
    • For enchanting master writs, the more runes you have translated, the higher the drop chance is - it is relatively cheap to translate every rune in the game except for Hakeijo (prismatic rune)
    • For alchemy master writs, having all four effects of a reagent unlocked will increase your chances - again, this is relatively cheap to do for each reagent in the game.
  • Turn in:
    • Master writs can be turned in in a capital city - Elden Root, Mournhold, or Wayrest
    • Voucher rewards include:
      • Animus stones - used to make target dummies
      • Plans to make humanoid and centurion dummies
      • Other gold quality furnishing plans
      • Chapters or the full book of the Ebony style
      • Blue quality and purple quality furnishing plan envelopes - contains a random furnishing plan (from Homestead to Morrowind) of that quality
      • Crafting Stations
      • Attunable Crafting Stations