Add-Ons - Guide by Acon

While it isn't strictly necessary, Add-Ons can greatly enhance your experience with ESO and make your in game life much easier.

Installing Add-Ons:
Using Minion: In my opinion the program "Minion" is the most convenient way to keep track of your add-ons. Minion has a search function, back up function and auto update function, and it doesn't require you to know what folder you need to put the Add-On files into, it does it all for you!

To install Minion go to Here and click the Download botton in the top right corner.

Manually Installing Add-Ons: If you are more of a techy person you can also choose to manually install your Add-Ons. A great website to find Add-Ons on is: Here which has it's own guide on how to manually install Add-Ons here: Here

Add-On Suggestions:


Foundry Tactical Combat (FTC) by: Atropos: There are many different UI enhancers, and which one you pick is up to personal taste. Personally, I use a mix of quite a few of them, since they all have good and bad sides.

AUI - Advanced Ui by: Sensi: AUI is much like FTC in many ways, but i still prefer FTC. If you like the the vanilla (original) UI but would like the functionality that comes with these UI enhancers i would pick AUI.

Wykkyd Framework Suite by: Ravalox Darkshire: This Add-On is a compilation of many of the great Wykkyd Add-ons. My Favourite one of them being Wykkyd Toolbar that shows you a lot of convenient information at the bottom of your screen, such as the time, your level, money, AP, time til you can feed your horse, how full your inventory is and many other things.

Combat Cloud by: Sideshow: Combat Cloud adds "combat text" to the middle of the screen, so that you will be able to see incoming and outgoing damage and heals as they happen. It also notifies you of when to dodge, block, when your health is low and so on. The bigger UI enhancers like AUI and FTC have this built into them, but if you would like to keep the vanilla UI and still have combat text, this is an option. (Or if you simply just like look of Combat Cloud)

Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker: Nowadays the big UI enhancers such as FTC and AUI have this built into them, but i still like the buff-tracker Srendarr, that does exactly what the name says it does.

Wykkyd Full Immersion by: Ravalox Darkshire: If you like Roleplaying you can use this Add-On to hide the default game windows for a more immersive experience.

Nagivation and questing:

Destinations by: SnowmanDK: Destinations add a whole range of useful markers on your map, that show you all the destinations (dolmens, delves, towns, vampire and werewolf alters etc) of the zone you are in even before you've discovered them. Highly recommended.

Ravalox' Quest Tracker by: Ravalox Darkshire: Ravalox' Quest Tracker is an expanded Quest Tracker that allows you to complete your quests more easy, without losing out on the story. With this Add-On you can get an overview of all the quests you have started and the story of each quest, without having to go into your journal. You can choose between having it open at all time or binding it to a key and opening and closing it to your liking.

Goto by: kerb9729: If you frequently find that you want to travel to a zone, but you're too lazy to go to a wayshrine and too poor to pay the fee, you definitely need to install Goto. Open your map and on the right side menu their should be a tab called "Goto" that lists the location of everyone on your friends list and in your guild. Simply click a name and it will take you to the closest wayshrine to that person.

Minimap by Fyrakin by: Fyrakin: As the name says this Add-On gives you a minimap. AUI also has an integrated minimap and many prefer this. (For example the minimap is the only part of AUI i use in my game)

HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers) by: Shinni: HarvestMap adds markers on your map and on your screen to where you have looted a chest, node, heavy sack or thieves guild trove, so that you will be able to go back to the spot and harvest it again later. It can also generate a route for you, if you want to find the fastest and most efficient route to take to harvest nodes. This is a great Add-On if you like to farm, but it's also very memory heavy, so if you have a low end computer you might see a loss in performance with this running.

Skyshards by: Garkin: This Add-On is a must have. It adds markers on your map that shows you where all the skyshards are.

LoreBooks by: Garkin: Lorebooks helps you level up your Mage's Guild skill line, by showing you where on the map all the books are located.

Lost Treasure by: CrazyDutchGuy: Finding your treasure maps can be hard, since all you have to go from is a little picture. If you don't have the patience to search, Lost Treasure adds an x on the map where your treasure chest is located. This also works for Writ treasure maps.

PublicDungeonChampions by: MerlinGer: This Add-On simply adds a skull icon inside Public Dungeons that show you where a boss will spawn, for faster completion.

Votan's Fisherman by: votan: Votan's Fisherman informs you of what kind of fishing hole you're using, after you've caught a specific fish there. If you come back to the same hole later, you can hover over it and see what kind of bait you need to use. A great Add-On to go with this is Votan's Fish Fillet that automatically fillets your fish for you.


Master Merchant by: Philgo68: Master Merchant is essential for anyone who wants to trade items. Master Merchant uses information from your Guild Traders, to find a price for your items, preventing you from losing money or overcharging. Useful for both selling and buying. This is another memory heavy Add-On and you might only want to disable it when you're not using it, if you find it slows you down. (It is normal though for this Add-On to briefly slow your game down as it loads when you just start the game)

AwesomeGuildStore by: sirinsidiator: We all hate the vanilla Guild Store UI. AwesomeGuildStore adds a ton of filters to the Guild Store menu, that allow you to make more specific searches and find what you're looking for much faster than you would with the vanilla Guild Store UI. Highly recommended.

⦁ Sell Ornate Items by: Dreanor: Adds a button to the merchant window you can click on to quickly sell all ornate items in your iventory. The money adds up!


Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter by: Dolgubon: This Add-On is a life saver. With a click of a button you can craft your daily writ. No more looking through materials and crafting the wrong thing. A 5 minute writ becomes a 5 second writ. This Add-On is amazing and a must have for all crafters.

AI Research Grid by: Ayantir: Research grid is another must have for all crafters new as old. With this Add-On you'll be able to keep track of what trait every single one of your characters is currently researching, and what motifs they know. All you have to do is go to your keybindings and bind it to a key, to open it up at any time.

⦁ Crafting Stations by: kottesemla: This Add-On shows you where on the map you need to go to craft specific set items. It also shows you what bonuses the sets give and how many traits it takes to craft them, when you hover over the icon.

⦁ Potion maker (for Alchemy Crafting) by: facit: A convenient little Add-On that adds a menu to the Alchemy crafting window, where you can search for specific traits you want in your potion/poison and get suggestions as to what reagents you need to use.

⦁ Research Assisant by: katkat42: Research Assisant adds little square icons to items that indicate whether your characters knows the items trait or not. It is also able to track intricate and ornate items so that you can sell them instead of deconstructing them.

⦁ Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper by: Wobin: This Add-On helps you keep track of what recipes your charcter knows and what ingredients are used to craft what and how many you can craft of that food.


⦁ Inventory Insight by: manavortex: This Add-On is incredibly and I can't believe I played this game so long without it. Inventory Insight tracks all the items all your characters and your bank hold, and allows you to search through them. All you have to do is install the Add-On, bind it to a key and open the inventory of all your characters and your bank (once), and it automatically saves the information.

⦁ Itemization Browser by: code65536: After you bind Itemization Browser to a key you can look up all sets in the game at any time without minimizing the game.

⦁ My Build Continued by: Dr_Z: My Build is useful if you ever want to share your build or save your build information on your computer. Bind the Add-On to a key and take a screen shot of the Pop up box the Add-On creates.

⦁ No, thank you! by: Garkin: This is not an essential Add-On but I still love it. What it does is that it removes notifications about your guildmates and friends completing trials and redirects other notifications that would otherwise have been a pop up to your notification tab.

⦁ Thief's Knapsack by: oGMo: A great Add-On for every law breaker out there. Thief's Knapsack shows you many things about the unlawful world such as: how much all the stolen items in your inventory are worth, how long you have to go on your bounty and how many items you can sell to a fence.

⦁ WPamA (What PLedges at my Alts) by: ForgottenLight: Keeps track of what pledges you have on all your characters. Bind this Add-On in your keybindings to open and close it at any time. To store the information you need to log onto all your characters once.

⦁ Wykkyd Outfitter by: Ravalox Darkshire: Save your characters different gear and skill set ups and swap them around by a click of a button (while out of combat). This is very convenient if you have different gear for different situations and don't want to click every single piece every time.


⦁ CyrHUD by: Sasky: CyrHUD shows you what keeps are currently under attack, and the number of siege engines that are in use near the keep per faction. This Add-On will enable you to show up to a keep in time to participate in the defense. Highly recommended.

⦁ Kill Counter by: mikethecoder4: Kill Counter tracks your kills, deaths and the amount of AP you've earned. It allows you to brag to your friends by posting how much AP you've made in your current session or taunt your enemies by telling them exactly how many times you've killed them.

⦁ Provision's TeamFormation by: Provision: Highly recommended Add-On. Creates small icons in the middle of your screen in a compass like formation, that show you the location of your team mates, the location of dead team mates and most importantly shows you the direction of your group leader. It can be hard to keep track of everyone in the middle of a large battle, but this Add-On makes that a lot more simple.~

⦁ AutoInvite by: Sasky: If you like to run groups this Add-On will make your life easier. As the name says you will be able to automatically add your guildies to your group, by putting in an "invite code" (in Anthem we often use 'apvp') into the addon. All your guildies have to do then is type 'apvp' into guild chat, and they will automatically be added to the group.

⦁ Assist Rapid Riding by: cloudor: Getting around in Cyrodiil can be a pain, especially as a new player that is yet to max out their horse in movement speed. What this Add-On does, is 'macro' the ability "Rapid Manuever" to one of the keys on your ability bar as soon as you mount your horse. When you dismount your horse, it will change the ability back to whatever you had before. Be warned that this Add-On will not be able to swap your abilities back, if you get in combat before you dismount.

"LUA is reaching memory limit" Notification:
You've followed the guide and installed all your Add-Ons, but are now plagued by this message every time you start the game? Don't worry.

To fix this:

1. Locate your "Documents" folder on your computer

2. Go to the folder called "Elder Scrolls Online"

3. Go to "Live"

4. Open UserSettings.txt

5. With the "Find tool" (Click Ctrl+f) locate "SET LuaMemoryLimitMB "64"

6. Change the number 64 in multiples of two

7. Save the file and exit

8. If you still have this problem, you might either want to uninstall some Add-Ons or increase the number your typed in, but beware of what your computer can handle.